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In Memoriam of Matthew Shepard

We mourn the loss of Matthew Shepard.

Matthew Shepard was recently brutally murdered simply for being gay. While no one can say for certain that the current anti homosexual television ads sponsored by the Religious Wrong are directly responsible for this crime, there can be no doubt that such public displays of bigotry and religious intolerance is more and more creating an environment conducive of such abuses.

"Your Making Too Much Out Of This!"

Oh really? Here's another one!

From The Pastor, Reconciliation MCC, Grand Rapids, Michigan ....

The spouse of Len Robinson (an official Friend of Reconciliation MCC) was Gay Bashed last Tuesday at about 12 noon. He was hit over the head and is in intensive care, not expected to live. The hospital and police will not allow the life support system to be turned off, since a good defense attorney could plea that the hospital and doctor killed him, not the criminal. They have no leads at this time, but they do not want to do anything to threaten the case. The young man's name is Tony Dill. Pray for Len and the community here in Grand Rapids.
Ryan Lester-Wilson

Its time we stop and ask the question:

What Would Jesus Do?

These unChristian, un-American hate filled attacks must STOP!

To the Religious Wrong (I shall not call them "right" in any context):

Hear the words of the Blessed Savior paraphrased for you:

Reader's Respond

Matt Shepard's dad was quoted as saying: "... had Matt heard of what happened to him to someone else, he would be the first to offer hope, help, heart, nurture, light to the world, compassion, kindness."

How do Christians measure up when responding?

I sent out a prayer request about this to two conservative Christian prayer lists I belong to. Here is a sample of the responses I received. I'm not going to respond to these, beyond requesting that you ask yourself this question: Which responses seem closest to the teachings of the Savior.

For help in dealing with Hate Crimes, visit the UFMCC Web Site
And/or Mel White's Justice Net

For more information on this horrible crime, visit:

CNN: Slain gay student remembered as 'angel with new wings'

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