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This page contains original writings, links and more related to various aspects of the New Age Movement. To have a group, teacher, etc. added, please contact the Roam'n Church. I hope you find this information useful. As always, your questions and comments are invited.

"Whosoever honors his own religion and condemns other religions, does so indeed through devotion to his own religion, thinking 'I will glorify my own religion.' But, on the contrary, in so doing he injures his own religion more gravely. So concord is good: Let all listen, and be willing to listen to the doctrines professed by others."
--The Buddhist Emperor Asoka of India, 3rd Century B.C.

Eclectic Universalism

What Is Eclectic Universalism?

A few people have writen in to tell me that the term "Eclectic Universalism" is redundant. Please allow me to explain how I employ the term.

"Eclectic" refers to a person or philosophy which borrows freely from various sources in forming a philosophy, opinion or taste.
"Universalism" is the belief that we are all one and that none are rejected by the Holy One.
While the term "Universalism" is employed by the religious sect of that name, (which is now united with the Unitarian denomination), one need not be a member of this denomination (or any other) to employ the term.
As an Eclectic Universalist, I believe that in the quest for Truth one who is wise will leave no stone unturned. The Truth is everywhere present. It is manifested in each and every religion, philosophy and personal experience with the Divine. Hence, the Path I follow is "eclectic."
Likewise, I believe that the blessings of the Holy One are available to everyone, and that no one, regardless of how far away from the Light they may seem to be, is actually estranged from the love and mercy of God. Hence the Path I follow is correctly called "universalism."
Eclectic Universalism therefore is the best discriptive name I have come up with thus far on the Path. As always, I'm open to suggestions.

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The Very Model of a Modern Esoteriscist

by Bill Beattie, from Shadowplay
This is funnier if you're familiar with Gilbert & Sullivan.

I am the very model of a modern esotericist,
A seasoned astral traveler and an edifying exorcist,
A sparkling star astrologer, a dead adroit necromancer.
A dab hand as a palmist and a card as a Tarotmancer.
I've folk tradition lineage-both Celtic and Germanical;
I've channelled Robert Heinlein and I've busted cults Satanical;
Elusively mysterious in Eleusinian Mysteries,
I've proven eighty-three per cent of Velikovsky's histories.
My patent aphrodisiacs would make a satyr hornier;
I've manufactured unicorns in northern California.
In short, in matters magical I'm manic as a terrorist;
I am the very model of a modern esotericist!

I am the very model of a modern esotericist.
My mystic methodology's inherently empiricist;
I've tread the Cretan labyrinth on pathways that I travel on;
I won't deny the rumors that I ghostwrote Mists of Avalon.
A truly great Great Riter and a master of tantrickery,
I'm up the Shining Pathways til the Guardians are sick of me.
I dazzle Neo-Pagans as I breakdance round the Wicca ring
And, miracle of miracles, I even stop them bickering!
I've raised the ghost of Crowley in a Gnostic Mass invoking in
Sumerian, Bavarian, Etruscan and Enochian.
I'd sing another chorus, but I have to see my therapist;
I am the very model of a modern esotericist!

Taken from the Green Egg vol. XXIV no.95.
Reprinted without permission It was

Thanks to
--Amy Lawrence
On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.
E'essential est invisible pour les yeux.
Antoine de St. Exupery

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