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Last Night I Dreamt Of Melting Cake

By John of AllFaith May 10, 2008

    I have mentioned several times on my blogs and elsewhere that while I am not making a "prophecy" that this Autumn will see major destruction in the US and elsewhere, I as many others believe it is coming. Over the past two or so years I have received word from several people telling me they are having "hits" similar to mine.

    Some people seem to think I am negative in my posts at times, seeing the "glass" as half empty rather than half full. I fear this retelling of my dream last night will only support this inaccurate assessment of my views, still I feel compelled to share this. I want to say first however that in my opinion the "glass" is about to be refilled!

    I see a most glorious and joyous future ahead of us. A time that 'eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into our grandest contemplations the wondrous world that lies ahead of us...'

    But first...

    First we as a planet are going to go through hellish times whether we like it not. At this point we may be able to minimize the troubles of these times if we act now (which frankly seems very unlikely), but we can not stop the overall events from occurring.

    Last night's dream concerned events that may precede these times, or that may be among the opening salvos.

    Sometimes my dreams are very clear, set in real world, real time events and circumstances, but sometimes they are more symbolic. This dream was of the later type. I believe its meaning speaks for itself however and so with one in-line exception I will not try and interpret or explain it. It is what it is.

    Again, and I want to be clear on this point, despite the several dreams and "hits" I and others have been getting for the past two years or so of events coming this Autumn (perhaps this October), I am not making a prophecy here, I'm merely sharing this information. As of yet I can not say that God has told me these things are going to occur. He has not.

    My Dream of 5.10.08:

    I was at home, doing something irrelevant (maybe playing "World of Warcraft" which I do from time to time), when I heard George Bush on the radio, I assume. I heard his voice clearly. There were no visuals at this point in the dream but my assumption was that everyone heard his words whether on TV, Radio, etc.

    Bush was speaking to people, maybe giving a national/international address or possibly just talking with a select few, I don't know for sure. But what he said made my blood run cold. At this hour I can still almost quote his words.

    "Knowing what we now know, and our intelligence is certain on this, I will not dishonor the American people's trust in me nor shirk my duty as your commander and chief by allowing this deception to happen. I have spoken with key members of the Congress and justices of the Court and we are in agreement that I can not step down until this danger is past. Once this crisis passes I assure the American people that I will step down and that our Republic will be preserved secure for our children and future generations of Americans."

    This is very close to what I heard if not his exact words.


    The context of his announcement runs counter to what I believe is going to happen. I also want to be clear about this.

    In my opinion the Democratic Party voters have already determined their nominee: Obama. While I don't completely trust him frankly, I do agree with his choice as nominee if the only other option is a continuation of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty. But as I said at the beginning of the races for the nominations before either party selected their nominee, I expect the contest will be between McCain and Hillary and that Hillary will "win" (possibly by another rigged election and now we hear of these super delegates etc).

    However in this dream, Obama won the Democratic nomination and prior to the November elections the powers-that-be determined he would win the White House if the elections were not stopped. This puts us around October, the time frame many of us have been getting hits about for the past couple of years.

    In the dream, the Bush/Clinton NWO junta formally charges Obama with treason against the US citing his alleged "deep and provable connections with the Islamic Ummah's Muslim Brotherhood Project."

    No solid evidence for or against this charge is actually presented.

    As Bush's voice fades away, I hear a whistling sound. I look out of a window and everything seems normal. I 'focus my gaze' however and realize I am looking at Southern California. There are many elements of this dream that can not be literally accurate. This is the first of them, I live in Northern California, an 8 hour or so drive north of LA.

    As I look at the LA skyline (from the "Grapevine" side) things 'feel' wrong. There is a blanket of green mist hanging over the city that looks like smog but isn't, and I get the sense that there is something seriously wrong with the air, "don't breath it..."

    I look beyond LA with no particular volition on my part, further south and I approach San Diego, then a bit to the east there is an explosion and I "go there" to see what's happened. The Black Water torture and training camp is being attacked. I look up and out across the eastern horizon and I see plumes of smoke rising, billowing in the distance and I know that several of the other US concentration camps are likewise burning. I have the sense that bands of soldiers have entered the US across the Mexican border in part to rescue their comrades from the internment camps. I then hear the whistling sound again, I look back to the west, and San Diego... is melting.

    Bubbling lava-like fingers are creeping outward from some uncertain point and soon the ground is literally bubbling, churning. For a while my gaze stays on this anomaly, as the reddish black smoke rises from cracks in the now becoming molten ground. As the air becomes darkened with soot I look at the buildings and they are collapsing, cascading down with the grace of intentional demolition as the ground beneath them weakens, gives way to molten lava as the earth quakes... I wonder what caused this. I know its not a natural earthquake, its something different... but what? I have no idea. There seems to be several things happening at once.

    While I maintained an awareness in the dream that I am not really present in San Diego, I was in my home in NorCal, I sense that my face is beginning to blister from the heat and so I back away northward. As I do the heat subsides and from above I see the creeping devastation below me as if I were flying in the astral, or perhaps on a flying carpet of sorts viewing this from above.

    Below me I beheld as the tendrils of flame lit more and more of the land. I watched as freeways crumbled into chasms of open flames where there had been firm ground moments before. I heard the screaming, the blaring of horns, the crashes of vehicles, a school bus filled with kids headed to Disneyland careened into a crevasse and I heard someone laughing -- it angered me that "he" would laugh ---- The crackling of flames and cracking of the earth, the rumbling of the buildings as they toppled... the silence ... the utter silence... that followed...

    Then, as my consciousness moved me on towards LA I was at the beach, south and heading north towards Venice Beach and Culver City where I lived for a while in the early 80's. As Muscle Beach came into view my sense of despair passed. The beach was filled with contented people. Nothing seemed amiss here and in my dream I had the thought that 'I'm just dreaming, there is no devastating occurring....' I watched as people sunned themselves on the beach, as kids played at the water's edge, as topless women lying on their stomachs soaked in the warm sun as others messaged their backs with oils, as weight lifters flexed their muscles for the cameras and onlookers... But then... then I heard the sound again, the whirring noise and the cracking of the earth and the white sand was suddenly ablaze. I beheld as many of the people laying on beach towels were... instantly consumed in flames... as people ran to and fro in all directions. But there was nowhere to go.

    And I cried out: Into the water!

    But no one could hear me no doubt, even though several people did just that. And as I watched, a group of extreme muscled weigh lifters, slowed by their grotesquely enlarged physiques, made their way like slow motion golems in a video game to the water's edge. As they rushed in slow motion toward the water their skimpy bathing suits that highlighted more than they concealed 'poofed' into flames like bugs hitting a bug zapper and soon everyone on the beach was naked and blistered, many had become human torches, and several were now desperately rushing to the water...

    But as they entered into what should have been the cooling waters of the Pacific, they screamed in unimaginable anguish as the waters burned them as if the ocean had become a vat of boiling acid. Yet still the people came like moths to a flame, climbing over the fallen bodies of their peers, diving into the roiling waters that should have cooled them but that instead incinerated them in unimaginable if thankfully brief agony...

    I cried out in horror and withdrew my consciousness inland, towards McArthur Park (where I used to hang out to chant my japa mala -- Hindu prayers). As I did so, I heard the Richard Harris' song McArthur Park
    playing in the background (see video below). As the park came into view my sense of peace momentarily returned, but then, again, as Richard Harris lamented that the sweet green icing was running down the cake, the people in the park began to melt and I saw the City, its tall buildings melting with green rivulets that flowed down into Wilshire Boulevard as though it was a deep canyon that was becoming a veritable river of death and into the other city streets as though they were the tributaries of Dante's vision of Hell.

    I screamed; I was frantic to escape this horror but I suddenly found myself at Disney Land where the devastation had already begun. I wanted to flee but could not. Instead I watched helplessly as children on cartoon character rides melted, as tall swinging structures filled with lamenting vacationers crumbled and crashed onto and into the glowing molten ground, as they burned, as they cried out in abject terror... as parents held their young ones close, as lovers embraced one final time and as in shock countless people both alone and in groups stared in abject confusion and disbelief as millions were... liquidated... evaporated... extinguished... turned into dust and blown away into the darkly expanding void that consumed Southern California -- which had become an oven in which McArthur's "Cake" was being meted, its sweet green icing running down.

    Then I heard, or sensed -- I didn't really hear the words but I knew the order had been given -- as fierce missiles were set into motion and the skies were filled with death, like the seemingly infinite flocks of birds that once filled our skies in the before times the bombs now flew toward their various targets. I suddenly realized -- and the realization made me nauseous due to its suddenness -- that I was now in Middle East and that Iraq and Iran were melting, like LA and San Diego... but there in these lands, instead of running in terrified chaos, everywhere I looked these people were kneeling on the ground in prayer and it dawned on me that I hadn't seen anyone praying here....

    The whistling became intense in its volume and the ground shook violently and the thought struck me, how was Israel faring in all this madness? I turned my head and looked toward the Holy City and saw what seemed to be a dome, like a giant cake dish top, descending over the Holy City protectively, several bombs were ricocheting off of this covering like bugs on a car windshield, and I knew Israel would survive...

    Next I heard dogs barking, packs of them it seemed... The night was filled with them and their distress and alarm and hunger was deafening... it made my skin crawl and I flashed momentarily into my recurring past life dream where dogs are an element, where they were searching for us... and I bolted up in bed distraught and dazed (as often happens when I have that dream).

    Whether awake or asleep at that moment I wasn't sure but I arose quickly from my bed and hurried through our darkened house in Northern California to the sound of our dogs barking, and those of our neighbors' dogs as well. I opened the door and stepped out into the freezing night air (it probably wasn't really that cold being that its May, but the coolness shivered me to the bone nonetheless and I quickly went back inside and dressed).

    As I again walked into the yard the dogs stopped barking, curious no doubt about what I was doing up so late. It was around 3:30 AM.

    I stood there for a few minutes breathing in the cool night air wide awake yet utterly fatigued. There was no way I would be getting back to sleep any time soon...

    What does this dream mean?

    Time will tell perhaps. Maybe it means nothing... I can hope...

    But my best advise is to prepare for the days and years ahead as best you can.

    The future of the earth is incredibly promising, but the near future will be harder that most people imagine possible.

    The biggest storm in human history is coming soon. Will it begin in earnest this October? Time will tell, but its coming.