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By Ben Ruach ha Kodesh (John of AllFaith) © 6.3.08
A reader asks:
    Am I right in thinking that Jerusalem is Arabic for City of Peace? And did it have Buddhist and probaby Hindu temples there too?

    shalom, salaam alaikum

My reply:



The name Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) is Hebrew.

As both Hebrew and Arabic are Semitic languages they are quite similar, but the name is Hebrew, not Arabic.

Jerusalem has many names in different languages but they are all based on the original Hebrew names. There are seventy Jewish names for Jerusalem.

Some of the better known names are as follows:

Adonay Yireh The Lord is seen (Gen 22:14)
Ariel Lion of God (Is 29:1)
Betulah Virgin (Lam 1:16)
Drushah Sought After (Is 62:12)
Gai Hizayon Valley of Vision (Is 22:1)
Gilah Joy (Is 65:18)
Ir Ha'Elohim City of God (Ps 87:2)
Ir Ha'Emet City of Truth (Zech 8:3)
Jebus (Judges 19:10)
Kir City (Ezek 13:14)
Kiriyah Aliza Joyful City (Is 22:2)
Kiryat Hannah David City Where (Is 29:1) David Camped
Kiryah Ne'emanah Faithful City (Is 1:25)
Klilat Yoffi Paragon of Beauty (Lam 2:15)
Moriah (Gen 22:2)
Neveh Zedek Righteous Dwelling (Jer 31:22)
Oholivah My Tent is in Her (Ezek 23:4)
Shalem Peace (Whole) (Gen 14:18)
Tzur Hamishor
Rock of the Plain (Jer 21:13)
    (list borrowed from here)

According to the Talmud, Jerusalem was named by HaShem (the God of Abraham and Moses) Himself. This name ‘Jerusalem’ has two parts: Yira and shalem. Yira means ‘to see’ and ‘shalem’ means ‘peace’. Hence, to be in Jerusalem is to "see [God's] peace" on earth.

Yerushalayim has a history dating back at least as far as the 4th millennium BCE, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. Jerusalem has been regarded the holiest earthly city and eternal homeland and future blessing of the Jewish people since HaShem granted Zion and all of Eretz Israel to the Jewish people circa 2000-1800 BCE.

The city was originally known as ‘the legacy of peace'. The original name of the city was Uru-shalim and was later changed to Yerushalem. The words Uru and Ur are related to the Hebrew word ‘Ir’ and means ‘city (of)’. Thus, the Hebrew name Yerushalayim means ‘City of Peace.’

The Arabic equivalent is ‘The Holiness’. The Greek form is Hierosalem and Hierosolyma. Hiero meaning ‘holy’. Thus, Jerusalem means ‘holy city’ or Holy City of God's Peace to add the original name to it. A name the city will fully manifest once the remaining prophecies have been fulfilled.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish world and has always been such. Jerusalem, Judaism and the Jewish people are one.

To my knowledge there has never been a Hindu or Buddhist temple there (other than modern day meditation studios etc). Buddhists and Hindus lay no spiritual claims on the City or on Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) for that matter. The Baha'i Faith have established their international headquarters in Haifa, but that was to escape Muslim persecution in Iran (Persia) rather than out of honor for the region itself.

For my time line on the Holy City of Peace see my study here:

Jerusalem is considered sacred to all members of the Abrahamic family, ie to Jews, Noahides, Nazarenes, Christians and Muslims. To Jews because God specifically gave it to them as their eternal heritage and birthright as well as the seat of their future government under their coming Mosiach (Messiah). To Noahides because they honor the Jews as the Chosen of HaShem and embrace the Torah. To Nazarenes and Christians because Y'shua (Jesus) lived, died and resurrected there and because they generally acknowledge it as God's eternal gift to the Jewish people (this varies). Christians and Muslims generally believe Jesus will return to the Earth in Jerusalem and begin his reign (or joint reign according to Islam). To Muslims because Muhammad made his dream pilgrimage into the heavens from there (from the Holy Mount where they built the Dome of the Rock), because the soon coming Imam Madhi and Jesus will establish Islam as the global religion from there, and because Jews claim it as their own and their prophecies require them to either convert (or more technically correct to "revert") or genocide the Jewish people.

Learn the Truth!

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And now... Ehud Olmert is working hard, along with Bush and the NWO Elite, to divide the Holy City by Jan '09!

Hope this helps,

    ~ Ben Ruach ha Kodesh (John of AllFaith)

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