The earth is HaShem's
"The Earth is HaShem's, and the Fullness Thereof"

The Way of B'nei Israel

The Abrahamic Covenant is the heart of God's dealings with the human race.

As Noahide Nazarenes we honor and are deeply indebted to our Jewish brothers and sisters. This page offers information on the Way of the Chosen People. Thereís more to come!

Information on Jewish Movements and Groups

    Go to: Our General Jewish Information Page

      It is said that where there are two Jews there are three opinions! This page offers information that, in the main, most Jews would accept. Of course, there are always exceptions!
        Information on basic beliefs, Shabbat, holidays, etc.

    Go to: Our Orthodox Judaism Info Page

      Here you will find links and information about Orthodox Judaism as well as links to general information.
        Including the Hasidim and how to be Torah observant.

    Go to: Our Conservative Judaism Page

      Here you will find links and information about Conservative Judaism

    Go to: Our Reform Judaism Page

      Here you will find links and information about Reform Judaism

    Go to: Our Karaite Judaism Page

      Here you will find information and links to Karaite Judaism, said by some to be the oldest existing branch of Judaism.

    Go to: Our Reconstructionist Judaism Page

      Here you will find links and information about Reconstructionist Judaism

    Go to: Tikun and Jewish Renewal

      Jewish Renewal is a new movement within Judaism. Itís a kind of neo-Hasidism, in that it seeks the spiritual renewal of Judaism, but "neo" because it insists on full equality for women, gays etc. and a creative return to the process of transforming Halacha (Jewish law) so that it continues to be a living path to connection to God."

Other Information

Go to: kulanu: "All of us"

    Kulanu is an organization that reflects the community of interests of individuals of varied backgrounds and religious practices dedicated to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people.

Information About Conversion to Judaism

Conversion to Judaism is a rather complex issue. The information on our conversion page will hopefully be helpful to those considering this option. For those interested in converting to Judaism the best course seems to begin with gathering information on Judaism and its various movements to determine which movement(s) to approach, then to find a local synagogue and speak with the people there for specific information.

Go to: Our Judaism Conversion Page

    Here you will find information on how and why to consider becoming a ger tzaddik (righteous convert) to Judaism.

Go to: Surfer John's Noahide Nazarene Domain

    Did you know that you don't have to convert to Judaism in order to inherit everlasting life in the Olam haBa (the World-to-Come)? Get information on the Tanakh prescribed Way for the non-Jewish world here! Information includes both traditional Noahide and the Noahide Nazarene movement of Rebbe Yeshua of Nazareth

Information About Messiah

There's a saying:
    'If you hear the messiah is here or there and you are planting a tree, finish planting the tree.'

Go to: Moshiach

    Who is Moshiach? Can he be identified? Will he be human or divine? How will we know when he comes? Learn this and more here.

Go to: Messiah!

    What do we really know about him?

Go to: The Christian Way

    Was Jesus the Messiah? Is Christianity the New Israel?

Information About Noahide Way

Go to: Surfer John's Noahide Nazarene Home Page

    What do you do if you believe the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) is the Word of God, are not Jewish, don't want to convert to Judaism, and don't believe that Jesus was the Messiah? You follow the Way shown by Father Noah and Rebbe Yeshua!

I Believe

I believe in the sun,
Even when it is not shining;
I believe in love,
Even when not feeling it;
I believe in God,
Even when He is silent.

- World War II Inspiration in a Cologne Hiding Place

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