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3 Most Important Abrahamic Beliefs
A response by John of AllFaith, Nov. 2006

Questioner: Andrew

Subject: 3 Most Important Beliefs


    Besides the belief of a higher power (God), what do you consider to be the 3 most important beliefs in EACH of these Abrahamic traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) that make each one unique and distinct from one another?

John of AllFaith's reply

Hi Andrew,


    • Torah: defines 98% of Judaism. This includes the Bible (Torah: the first five books of Moses) and the Tanach (the rest of the "Old Testament") and the Oral Torah (the Mishna, Talmud, etc.)
    • Chosen People: That the Jews are chosen by God and set apart from all other people for His service.
    • Eretz Israel: The importance of the Land of Israel and the coming Moshiach (Messiah -- Shiloh) one day who will build the Third Temple and redeem People Israel and the entire world.


    • Jesus of Nazareth was/is the long awaited Jewish Messiah who was to come.
    • Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve salvation (through his death, burial and resurrection).
    • Jesus the King will one day (soon) return and establish a global kingdom and fulfill the yet unfilled prophecies of the Written Torah concerning Moshiach (Jesus did not fulfill severl of the key Messianic prophecies.


    • The blessings of Abraham were transmitted through Ishmael rather than through Isaac as the Bible claims (the Jews are usurpers of the birthright. According to the Qur'an they must one day be annihilated).
    • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the final prophet and only through him is Allah Subhana Wa T'Ala (God) fully knowable. All others religions are false.
    • One day (soon) the Dijal (an "anti-Christ") will rise, followed by Imam Madhi (a physical descendant of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Prophet Jesus (PBUH) to vanquish all evil from the earth and reward the righteous with a paradise-like earth.

    Hope this points you on your way,
    Write back any time,