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Geocities Featured Page Award

web page excellence award

Jennifog's Award for Web Page Excellence.

Thank you!

Universal Kinship Award
This award is meant for sites that promote
the idea of linking individuals together as one
through common bonds such as writing and poetry.
I have visited your site and am happy to provide you with the UKA award.

Tiger Award Of Excellence

Greetings Jag,

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to present your site with The Spirit of the Tiger Award of Excellence. I enjoyed my visit to your site. The humor pages kept me laughing for the longest time. It is also very refreshing to find a Christian-based site that so open-minded and tolerant. I had a difficult time deciding which award to give you.
While your site certainly qualifies for the Path of Enlightenment award, your original writings and ideas of how Christianity should be applied to all people influenced me to present you with the Award of Excellence. Keep up the great work my friend, the world could use more sites like yours.... your site will be listed in the Hall of Fame. when it has been added, I will Email you so you can view your entry. Once again, Congratulations!
Id Stratus

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Blue Ribbon Campaign: Without Freedom on the Internet
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