Conversations in Religion

It has been said that Truth is One, only the outward manifestations vary. I accept this truism and based upon it I offer you these conversations.
In order to understand the diverse outward forms of the Truth, each month practitioners of different religious and spiritual Traditions will be featured here. In their own words they will share what they see as the heart of their Path.


The Athens City Times is undergoing a major renovation. During this process, Conversations in Religion was accidentally deleted by the ACT editorial staff.

The problem has now been corrected. Under the new Act design plan, frames will no longer be used to link ACT Sites. This means that I now have full control over my ACT feature.

As a result of this mix up, the July issue of Conversations is not ready, so, Conversations in Christianity From All Sides will remain the featured conversation until August 1st. Conversations in Hinduism will post by August 1st, as will Conversations with the Bahai. I apologize for this confusion, now its on with the Conversations in Religion.

Conversations in Christianity
From All Sides

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Conversations in Hinduism
Conversations with the Bahai

Are you Bahai? Join the Conversation! (please post by 7-25).

Are you Hindu? Join the Conversation! (please post by 7-25).

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