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Host Your Own Kimberli Ransom Concert!

Kimberli Ransom
"Word of Mouth" National House Concert Tour

April 30 - June 28, 1998

A note from Jag:

Kimberli Ransom is a dear friend and a PWC (Person With CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She is blessed to be in a long term remission (or hopefully full recovery!). Her music is wonderful as is her spirit. I'm happy to be hosting her in Santa Cruz (check back for dates) and I'd like to encourage everyone to take advantage of her Word of Mouth Tour.


I am sending this letter to friends on my music mailing list. I would like to invite all of you to participate in my upcoming "Word of Mouth" house concert tour across the USA.

* What's a House Concert?
House concerts are very informal gatherings in living rooms , yards, garages, where 20 or more people can sit on pillows on the floor, kitchen chairs and couches to see some of the best music in America.
Many of you have already attended or been invited to house concerts and know that they are the most intimate settings available for concerts. They are fast becoming the most popular way to hear singer/songwriters around the country.
I am inviting you to help me create this tour by working with me to arrange house concerts in the homes of your music loving friends throughout the country.

* I have a general schedule of the cities I would like to visit. Please look over the schedule and think of anyone you know in or near those cities who would be interested in hosting or attending a concert. They do not have to have hosted, attended or even heard of a house concert before. All it takes is a love of music, a little bit of space, and some friends.

Here's how a House Concert works

Think of friends across the US who might like to host a house concert.
What the host provides:
* Space in their home (living room, deck, garage, lawn or porch)
* 20 or more music loving guests ($5-$10 sliding scale admission - There's no additional cost to the host) It can be a BYOB event or potluck if the host chooses
* Floor for Kimberli and Melissa Shields (road manager/friend) to put sleeping bags for the night
What I provide:
* Two hour private solo concert
* Everything for the concert, ie sound system, instruments, power cords
* Invitations for host to send/pass out
* CDs and New "Word of Mouth tour" tape for sale
* Exciting stories from the road!

This tour is 100% Word of Mouth. There will be no advertising , no tour support from any record label, and no sure way to know if I can support myself and my road manager for 6 weeks. The goal is simply to share my music with as many people as possible, make some new friends and fans, and play this game of life on a large scale!
Please look over this schedule and think of anyone you know in or near these cities who would be interested in hosting or attending a concert. Remember, I'm flexible. No dates have been booked yet. Let's see what we can create together.

Tentative Schedule

April 30, Portland, OR , Kick off concert @ Kimberli's
May 1, Seattle, WA - Jerry Jutting (stay w/ Chris & Eileen)
May 4, Everette, WA, Jan & Steve
May 5, Monroe, WA - Debbie Smith
May 7, Seattle, WA - Alan Spring (stay w/ C&E)
May 8, Tri-Cities, WA - STILL LOOKING (stay w/ Paula)
May 9, Boise, ID - Russ Westerburg
May 12, Des Moines, Iowa
May 13, Chicago, IL - STILL LOOKING
May 14, Cleveland, OH - Tom & Carrie LeBay
May 15, State College, PA - Café Gourmet (stay w/ Dave)
May 17-20, New York, NY (stay w/ Steve)
5/17 Columbia, University
5/18 Manhattan (club) Tommy Mc. - Niall
5/19 or 20 NYC area - STILL LOOKING
May 21, Oak Ridge, NJ - Pete Granata
May 23, Waltham, MA - Anne Harvey
May 24-27 Boston, MA area, STILL
LOOKING * (stay w/ Alicia Lane) Possible Worcester WCUW radio
May 28 or 29, Burlington, VT - STILL LOOKING
May 29 or 30, Montreal, Canada -(stay Helena Echberg)
June 2, Toranto, Canada - Jade Rubick
June 3, Cleveland, Ohio (no gig - stay w/ Tom & Carrie)
June 4, Columbus, Ohio - STILL LOOKING *
June 5-6, Indianapolis, IN - Mark and Nicole Daley
June 7, St. Louis, MO (stay w/ Gary & Theresa) *
June 8-12, Springfield, MO - Dad/brothers
June 13, Kansas City, KS -STILL LOOKING *
June 14, Lawrence, KS KANU radio (NPR) (stay w/ ?)
June 17, Colorado Springs - Rebecca Rivers
June 18, Colorado Springs - Jim Ayers
June 19-21, Telluride, CO - Folk Festival
June 22-27, Evergreen CO, and Denver area - KC Houser
June 29, Salt Lake City - STILL LOOKING * July 1, Sacramento, CA * July 2-5, High Sierra Folk Festival
July 7, Oakland, CA possible shows w/ the Rebecca Riots @ Strings
July 8-10, Bay Area or Davis, CA - STILL LOOKING July 14-20, Bay Area, Davis, Sacramento, CA - STILL LOOKING July 21-25, Back up I-5 to Portland. Open to any all house concerts July 26, HOME to my own bed

What to do once you have thought of some friends around the country:
* Call Kimberli (503) 234-8111
* or e-mail me at
pls include as much info as possible - names, e-mail, phone
* It would be helpful if you also contacted your friends personally

We can talk about who you know, and what their interests are. I have tapes of the KINK radio interview from 1/29/98 which I can send out to anyone interested in hosting. Les Sarnoff at KINK was really excited about the idea and did a great job of interviewing me about what house concerts are and how they work. There are also 2 live songs for your friends to hear as samples of my music. Please contact me as soon as possible, I need to have a good idea of who is interested by Feb. 13th. Thanks for your help and support!!

Feel free to forward this info. on to any of your friends around the country. If you want a printed copy of this info for yourself or friends pls email the snail mail address to me.

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