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Jagannath's Lavender Chapel

This Roam'n Church home page contains information, original writings, links and more to Lavender Spirituality. Lavender Spirituality may be defined as any spiritual tradition or movement within the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgendered Communities (LGBT). I also include under this heading any spirituality which transcends popular gender roles.

My Writings and Sermons

How to 
trap God How To Trap God: The Prayer That Jesus Taught Us.

Do we 
need the Bible? Do We Really Need The Bible?

Jonathan and David Jonathan and David

My LGBT Toons

Why can't they all be like me?

An Open Invitation from Aunt Sam and Uncle Sue.

My LGBT Links Pages

LGBT Spiritual Links Visit my LGBT Spiritual Links Page.

Links Visit my LGBT Links Page.

From the lips of Serpents!

xtianwrong The Religious Wrong: In their own words

So, What Does The Bible Say Anyway?

LGBT Is "Gay Christian" an Oxymoron?

LGBT Links The Homosexual Agenda For America:

LGBT Links The Bible and Homosexuality:

LGBT Links Was Jesus Gay?

LGBT Focus on the Family co-founder apologizes to gay community (and everyone else!).

LGBT Links Is Jesus Upset about Health Care for same gender couples?

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