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Recommended New Age Related Links

I have checked out the following links and believe them to be good referrals. Should your opinion/experience differ, PLEASE let me know!


Alchemical Research Center


Angelic Passages Homepage

Children of Light

Boards and Such

All Faith Press Board

The Wanderer's Forum Message Board

United Communities of Spirit!

Books etc. on-line

My translation of the Bhagavad Gita.

Download hundreds of books FOR FREE!

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

The Urantia Book Website

On Fear

What Is A Lover Of God Like?

The Golden Rule or Ethic of Reciprocity

An anonymous soldier's letter to God

An interesting paper on the Knights Templar


Spiritweb Chat Room

Dungeon ofthe Damned

Eclectic Spirituality

Interfaith Working Group: diversity of religious opinions

Erotic Spirituality



Please be advised that Satanism is not "devil worship." It is a philosophical Path which stresses the celebration of life and love. It rejects any and all piety or spirituality which does not liberate and empower the individual. It is utterly earthy and earthly. Its adherants are typically individualistic women and men who desire to achieve their personal best. They generally employ a potent mixture of personal intention (Will) and ritual majick. To learn more, visit the following sites.

The House of Chugach Anrias

Isabal's Satanic Escapades

Alt.Satanism FAQ

The Satanic Network



The Church Within, Pastor: Daniel Megow

Flower of Life Research Inc.

Let There Be Light

Lucius Trust and the Arcane School

Prophets and Prophecies

Christ is Here Now!

A Mayan Prophecy: The Time Is Now

A Hopi Prophecy: The Time Is Now

UFO's and More

Something Strange is happening!

The Black Vault

Prophecy from the Galaxtic Federation?

Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove's Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission

Earth Council Inc.

Wicca and Neo-Paganism

The Fundamentalist

Salem Mass. Monthly Newsletter

Northeast Council of WICCA

Pagan Awareness League

Church of the Dancing Flame

The Walk-In Way Station. or

The Salem New Age Center.

The Witches Webring

The Killings of Witches: A Chronicle of the Burning Times by W.J.Bethancourt III

The Fifth element

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