God Within, God Without It is said in most religions that God is both within and without, in Heaven, yet simultaneously within each of us. There is nowhere where the Supreme Being is not. And yet, there is nowhere one can point and say, "Yes, see! Here is God." In India the Blessed One is known, among other Names, as Paramatma, the Supreme "atma," the omnipresent living entity. Here in the west we generally claim to possess great knowledge, and yet we do not even know the One Who dwells within our own hearts and minds. Yet as the Christian faith proclaims, in this Being we live and move and have our being. The Word uttered by the expansion of God within the professor's heart, is "Om". For information on this most mystical of all words, see my What is the Omkara?". [Image] --------------------------------------------------------- [Image] Go to the Roam'n Church's Toon Central. Please drop a line: [Image] And/or Sign My Guest book: [Image] Om Tat Sat Maranatha, the Christ is among us! Namaste! You are visitor number... [Image] Who cares, I'm glad YOU'RE here! ---------------------------------------------------------