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Ancient Prophecies For The New Age

Mayan Prophecy foretells a thinning veil, Beginning this month.

Date: Sunday, July 27, 1997 8:40:27 PM
Subj: Skywatch: PHILOSOPHER'S STONE Special Edition

Landing Imminent

From the Celestine Journal, by Ann Buzenberg

Ancient prophecies interest many of our celestine Journal readers, so this month an event foretold by the ancient Mayans of Mexico may fascinate you as it did me.

On New Year's Day of the Mayan Calendar, which falls on July 26th, 1997. It is said that a thinning of the veils will occur between our Material third dimension and the fourth dimension- the afterlife dimension explored in The Tenth Insight. The Mayan calendar calls July 26th 1997, Kan HO (yellow overtone seed day).

Prophecy says on this day, access to the fourth dimension is opened to humans. To celebrate this opening, Mayan calendar followers plan a celebration in Mexico City, in Japan and locations worldwide. To learn more, we spoke with Bonita Luz, an American transpersonal psychotherapist who has studied traveled and worked in Central and South America.

"I've been interested for years in the ancient indigenous prophecies" Bonita says, "especially those of the Inca, Maya, Hopi and Cherokee, because they say similar things about these times we now live in. My inner knowingness always whispered, 'Pay attention-these prophecies carry the message of hope for our times." "On this day, the prophecies of Pacal Votan indicate that a gate of time will open, causing a mind shift to occur. Mind shift, for me, means a conscious shift of dimensions, taking us from third dimension reality, the mechanistic, material world, with all it's ego-based drama, fear and illusion, to a higher dimension of consciousness. This is the dimension where we raise our energies up to live in a place of LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE and BALANCE, a consciousness of our higher self that is free of the web of third dimension illusions. We can then, for the first time, become truly effective in this world. We can be in this world, but not of it.

"According to the ancient Mayan calendar and also modern science, we're near the end of a 26,000 year cycle, in what the ancients called the Shift of the Ages, a time of great change," says Bonita. "The day-long global peace meditation known as the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987, began an intense 26 year transition period which ends in the year 2012 and closes the 26,000 year cycle. In this cycle, we begin stepping into what the Mayan call the New Itza Age - an age of Light and Wisdom in fourth dimensional consciousness. AS FORETOLD, THIS TRANSITION PERIOD IS A TIME OF PURIFICATION AND INTENSIFYING ENERGY FREQUENCIES. It is a time for us to WAKE UP to REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE and begin to INTERGRATE with our Light Bodies, and REATIVATE our natural telepathic abilities. Wisdom and focus is needed through this evolutionary transformation. By 2013, we reach a new reign of enlightenment, living a new dream".

Synchronistic modern scientific discoveries which correspond to these prophecies seem to come Bonita's way. At Ft. Lauderdale,FL, planetarium, she heard astronomers verify that we are ending a 26,000 year cycle they call the Wobble Effect - Earth's elliptical rotation around the central sun of our galaxy.

Then the April 29,1997, New York Times' front page featured an article >about astro-physicists discovering a fountain of invisible, high frequency energy rays spraying out from the center of our galaxy. Scientists measure them as gamma rays - light particles or photons produced by colliding electrons and anti-electrons. "For me, this is physical evidence of the Galactic Light Beam, which the Mayan prophecies predict our Earth is going through at this time," Bonita says. Scientists point out that if this spray of energy ever reaches Earth, it will cause no harm, Bonita believes, however, that these light particles do affect us directly, and that many of us now are feeling these intensified energies in our physical bodies. "The energies of the cosmos are aiding us in that mind shift for which we have longed," she says.

"One of the key things I learned studying with the Shamans," says Bonita, whose graduate studies ten years ago took her deep into Peruvian Jungles, "was the importance of our intention and our willingness to invite the spirits to communicate with us. Now the energies are with us for a mind shift, both the increasing light energy from the Galactic center and the energy of Yellow Overtone Seed, which opens the inter-dimensional doorway. When we synchronize our intention and willingness with these energies, amazing results are possible. When we gather as a group and set a collective intention, even more amazing things are possible.

Bonita plans to lead a spiritual journey to Mexico on July 24-August 7, in order to do just that. August 6 is another auspicious day known as Blue Electric Eagle Day. The last time this day fell on August 6 was in 1945, when Hiroshima was bombed. Another Blue Electric Eagle Day was August 16, 1987, when the Harmonic Convergence was held worldwide. "It is important to bring the peaceful Harmonic Convergence energy into this August 6 to clear the energy of Hiroshima," Bonita believes.

For the Maya, science and spiritual cosmology were inseparable. Their highly precise calendars chart the past and predict the future, using cycles within Galactic cycles and synchronization's with planets and star systems, especially the Pleiades. Bonita believes that we can learn from these cycles and calendars.

"Palenque is a beautiful, most sacred center where the veils between worlds is thin. Much of our work, individually and collectively, will be here," Bonita says of the group journey.

Mayan prophecies foretold of this time when we would return to the sacred sites to retrieve the secret knowledge encoded in the stones, glyphs and pyramids to reawaken the memories and powers that have been dormant in us for so long "NOW IS THE TIME".

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