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Welcome to My Quest 
Unity In Diversity.
Unity Is Diversity.
What a long, strange trip its been!.

      Back in the mid 1970's, I once spent three months alone living in a cave high in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Georgia. I had determined to follow in the Buddha's noble footsteps and remain there until death or enlightenment.

Neither happened!


      What I did recieve however were many fond memories and the following parable. Now, don't write in telling me I am guilty of plagiarism. This 'vision' for lack of a better word, is doubtless inspired by Swami Vivekananda's parable, I admit it! However in the quietude of my cave it was transformed and became my own.

      When I first began my quest for the Truth, I was told that It could be found on the top of a high mountain in a far off land. I was so excited! I promptly sold everything I owned and headed off for that supreme summit.

      In time I reached the Mountain of Truth and began to climb.

      As I ascended its often barren terrain, I beheld a multitude of Paths, some going one way, some another. From time to time a fellow traveler would call over from one of the other trails, "Hey! You're on the wrong Path!"

      Assuming the warning was accurate, I would change my course and join others in climbing the Mountain of Truth. In time however, we would inevitably separate and I would continue my quest alone.

      Sooner or later another traveler would warn me, "Hey, you should be on this Path!" So again, I'd change method of climbing.

      In time I became convinced that all of the various Paths were heading more or less in the same direction. Each Way had places where the going was easy, where I could envy those who followed it. However, each also held other places which were quite demanding, which held no fascination to me at all. Once I realized this, I began to hop merrily to and fro from Path to Path as though it made no difference whatsoever. In this way I spent many pleasant years.

      Then one day I finally arrived at the summit. My heart pounded in my chest, I began to perspire. The hair on my head stood up. Could it be I'd finally made it? I felt utterly high and exalted. I had attained enlightenment! Self Realization! I was saved!

      Inch by inch I pulled myself up onto the plateau and laid prostrate on the grass. Finally I lifted my eyes triumphantly. I looked out into the distance and there I saw the Goal of my life's quest.

      There in the distance, under a scraggly banyan tree, I beheld a sage, a sadhu who looked like a Child of the Holy One. As I observed, I could not discern whether that holy being was male or female. He/She seemed ancient, yet ever young. Everything was simultaneously one and different.

      I sprang to my feet and ran toward the tree and it's sole resident. I reached out my hands, fell onto my face before her/him, crying out blissfully: "Baba-ji! Mata-ji! Abba! Mommy - Daddy!"

      The sadhu slowly turned toward me with a look somewhere between disgust and compassion. The sage had been sitting with both legs crossed, in full lotus position, but as I waited expectantly, the left leg sprang forward like a viper, kicking me squarely between the eyes. Everything went brilliant, I was bathed in the colorless effulgence of Be-ing...

      I reeled back, rejoiced, "shakti-pat!"

      "Get off my mountain!" the sage shouted hoarsely.

      I was stunned.

      "Go find your own!"

      So that's what I did, and that's where you now are. Please, don't accept ANYTHING you find in these pages as the 'gospel truth.' That illusive prize can only be found within yourself.

      Rather, please, go find that mountain which is harmonious with your own inner nature. Then come back and we can visit and compare notes in a spirit of fellowship.

      Its not that there is no Truth. Its not that everything is ultimately relative. Such statements are too yin or too yang. They are too dualistic. We must seek to realize the tao, the point where yin meets yang and yang meets yin, where feminine and masculine merge into a harmonious unnamable, indefinable Whole.

      May you be truly blessed as you walk your own Path Home, back to Godhead.

      The Roam'n Church is a vehicle through which I share some of my insights and experiences with anyone who is interested. It also makes me accessable for your input. So how about it? Let's roam together for a while. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind. I sincerely invite your participation via e-mail and my guest book. 

      Please write in and let me know what you think about the site. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Let's talk about it!"

      As always, I invite your questions, thoughts or comments on these pages. Your technical suggestions -- philosophical, relgious, spiritual input etc. -- are all warmly invited.

      I'd like to hear from you.

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      Om Tat Sat

      Maranatha, the Christ is among us!


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