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People with CFS/FMS, our supporters, families, friends and care givers ...

Everyone is welcome here!

CFIDS/CFS/ME etc. is usually represented by a blue ribbon. FMS is usually represented by a red one. Most of the people I know who have one of these diseases have both. Such is the case with me.

The symbol of this web ring includes these and other colors. No one is healthy until every one is healthy. So let this "disease of a thousand names" be represented by a "ribbon of a thousand colors."

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Imagine having a Charlie horse--All over your body.

Imagine having the flu--All the time.

Imagine feeling like you've been backed over by a tractor--Every single day.

Imagine waking up and being afraid to step out of bed because you know--without a doubt--that when your foot hits the floor, a knife will cut through your body, and the feeling won't stop.

Imagine not being able to sleep

Imagine feeling like you're about to come apart at the seams--and your doctor tells you "It's All In Your Head."

Welcome To Our World.

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