The Homosexual Agenda for America

Shh... Don't tell the Religious Wrong!

We Affirm:

1. That a Family is Defined by Love.

2. An end to poverty.

3. A cure for cancer.

4. A cure for AIDS.

5. Equal pay for equal work.

6. Comparable pay.

7. Equal housing opportunities.

8. An end to hate crimes.

6. An end to domestic violence.

7. The protection and education of all children

8. The end of sexism.

10. A life without fear.

11. Respect.

12. Dignity.

13. ...And liberty and justice for all.

I realize that these are controversial goals for a spiritual person to be dedicated to,
but I thought you had a right to know! *smile*

Special thanks to the Lesbian Avengers for this list.

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