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Recognition of Loving Service Dear Web-Friend Jagannatha, For what it is worth [its worth a lot, thank you!], I put together a concrete way of saying that I think that you are doing a great job of posting vital information on your web site that other fellow Seekers need to Unfold further their Higher Inner Self of Inner Consciousness (as obviously you have done yourself). I enjoy your web site, and I am proud to be associated with you and your site as a fellow Seeker. It is not much, but it my way of saying "ata-person". I wanted to inform you that I visited your website, and found that it met Light Missions qualifications to receive the "Outstanding Seeker Award". You earned it by way of meeting some or all of the following criteria: a.. supporting and explaining a spiritual, ecological, or social cause, movement, or dialog by inclusion of original content. b.. providing a public service on the internet for the dissemination of timely or important information. c.. effective, creative, practical and organized use of html and/or javascript. d.. evidence of frequent updating. e.. no broken links, images, or other incomplete information. f.. having a friendly, welcoming "environment." g.. promoting unconditional love and mutual understanding,in one way, shape or form. h.. the site is free of advertisements, commercial or otherwise. i.. no major misspellings or grammatical errors.

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