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What the Fundies Believe

Through the years I have been involved with a broad spectrum of religious thought. I have spent time among liberals as well as conservitives and arch-conservitives or fundamentalists of many different religions. I'd like to say, before beginning this page, that its admittedly anti-fundie perspective should not be taken too far.

Personally, I tend to admire the fundamentalists of every religion. Fundie Muslims, Fundie Jews, Fundie Hindus and yes, Fundie Christians. In any given religion, it is the fundamentalists who hold the lion-share of passion and devotion. It is their zeal which has maintained the diverse religion's existence through times of persecution. It is also, just as often, the Fundies who have demonstrated the greater hypocrisy. Both must be acknowledged

If you believe, for instance, that God tortures people for all of eternity in a literal place of damnation known as Hell, and you are not determined to warn people, especially those in your own circle of aquantance, of their perrilous situation, then I say you are not a very godly person! If you truly believe I am heading to everlasting torment, especially if you claim to care about me as a person, how in the name of everything which is holy and true could you keep from shouting: Jag! Open your eyes man! You are in danger!!!!

Often, this is precisely what we criticize the Fundies for doing. But anything less, would truly be callous hypocrisy on their part.

I suffer from a rather severe case of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, or CFIDS/FMS. This condition continues to have a profoundly negative impact on my life. IF someone knew of a cure, especially, if that someone was dear to me, I would be incredibly offended if they failed to inform me. Imagine, IF they knew of a cure, but wanted to respect my right to be sick, and so remained silent! To remain silent would be unconscionable. In the same way, for the Fundies to remain silent, given their belief systems, would be intolarable for them. If we can understand this, I think we can go a long way toward healing the wounds that devide us.

Having said that, this page will focus on Christian Fundamentalism. While I proudly defend religious expression of any and all kind, I also feel obligated to expose its darker side. Fundamentalism, by its very nature, is based in a lack of understanding and respect. It assumes that the Divine is a limited, ethnocentric being who delights in unearthly piety and repudiates all things human. This perspective discredits both God and humanity.

Pat Robertson: People who believe in UFO's should be put to death!! The HATE page of Westboro Baptist Church. This is for real!!!

A Sly attempt by the Fundies to take away our freedoms.

Is Jesus upset about Disney's health care for Gay and Lesbians?

An Apology to Everyone (specifically!) from Focus on the Family Co-founder

But of course not to worry, the Fundies could never take away our rights; we all know that the United States is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Right? Our liberties are sacrosanct, right? Right?

Did you know that should a right or left wing political figure or party gain control of the U.S. government via the ballot, everything they would need to legally disolve all of our freedoms (the ones we have left) is already written into federal law. Read this!

From: "Hang time" (
Subject: FEMA and The NWO ( New World Order)
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 14:16:07 PDT
Note: No picture was included..............Col.

Hello again ...

This was taken from a Skywatch Post here not too long ago , and while looking into F.E.M.A. , I found this and the Picture below ...

"Under F.E.M.A., the Executive Orders which are already written and is the current law of the land, calls for the COMPLETE suspension of the United States Constitution, all rights and liberties, as they are currently known. The following executive orders, which are in the Federal Register located in Washington DC for anyone to request copies of, call for the suspension of all civil rights and liberties and for extraordinary measures to be taken in,as most of the orders state, "any national security emergency situation that might confront the government."

When F.E.M.A. is implemented, the following executive orders will be immediately enforced:

All of the above executive orders were combined by President NIXON into Executive Order 11490, which allows all of this to take place if a national emergency is declared by the President. The burning and insurrection in Los Angeles in the case of Rodney King could have executed [and partially did execute] these Executive Orders.

Executive Order 12919:
"National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness" signed by CLINTON June 3, 1994, delegates authorities, responsibilities and allocations of F.E.M.A.'s Executive Orders [last entry] for the confiscation of ALL PROPERTY from the American people, and their re-location and assignment to 'labor' camps.

The Executive Order also supersedes or revokes eleven (11) previous Executive Orders [from 1939 through 1991] and amends Executive Order 10789 and 11790. This executive order is A DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by the [Secret] Government of the United States in concert with the UNITED NATIONS. ... and finally , the picture below ????

Just a Thought ...

Canoga Park, Ca
Skywatch International, Inc.
"Strange is sometimes stranger when it's true"
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