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Not Everyone Love Me
While most of the letters and guestbook entries I receive are possitive
There are exceptions
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          Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:59:27 -0700
          Roberto Kocenko de Oliveira <>


You animal! you are a dirty and perverted soul that doesn't know any
scripture. Sex is made to make children. If one makes sex only by
desire, he is in Maya, illusion! to make sex with another man signifies
the illusion into the illusion. How can you think, stupid, that a pure
devotee like Jesus could thought in sex, and more, with another man!
Please,don't try to justify your bizarre behaviour and your pathologic
life inspired in the lives of the great devotees of this world.Take my
advice, go to a psychiatrist and try to resolve your perverted life.
With love(from brother to brother),

Wanna Call me a Scum Bag?
Wanna Tell me you Love me?
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