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... At church on wed. nights we are studing where and how we got the BIBLE we use today. His [the teacher's] web page is The Baptist Cliper, also Welcome To Bearing Precious Seed Ministries!

This [February] is BIBLE month, Bible Publishing Month Promotion. Please read through these pages:

I put my faith and trust in the LORD to save me when I was 11, all I need to know about how to live and to witness is in the KJV [King James Version] as we have it to day. I know that you do not see things the same way that I do. I believe that KING JAMES BIBLE is the BIBLE for the English speaking world today. I pray that you understand...



... I respect both you, your faith and the King James Version immensely.

No, we do not agree on everything but, in case I have not yet made it clear, what I believe, in no way dishonors you or your Faith. This is true.

I am an eclectic universalist. This means, in brief, that I believe that God is far greater than any belief system can contain, HOWEVER, it also means that I honor and accept what each belief system represents, i.e. an integral PART of the Truth.

I too honor the KJV and it is my version of choice also. In my understanding, the new versions, especially the NIV, are not equal to the Authorized KJV either in history, archaeological dependability or use of the English language. Western Christianity has been built solidly on the textus receptus (from which, mainly, the KJV comes).

I do, however, believe that if one is going to convincingly argue that the KJV is the one version which God has specifically sanctioned and preserved, one must also examine an actual 1611 KJV and acknowledge/explain why it is so different from the modern version of the "Original King James Version" used today. There are striking differences. [You can purchase a real 1611 KJV from my Amazon.com bookshop

I too am saved. I was 12 years old when I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. At that time I too was born-again. At that time I too devoted my life to God and promised God that if God would lead, I would follow. For these many many years God has led and I have haltingly tried to follow. This spiritual quest has led me around the world and to many places I never would have expected back in 1969.

My conception of, and my love and respect for God has developed over the years in ways I could never have anticipated (I Cor. 13:11). Today I can truthfully say that I am more devoted to and in love with God than at any other time in my life. I can also say that I have come to understand at long last that I can not judge anyone else's walk with God. I can not even accurately judge myself! It took me a long time to understand I Cor. 4:3.

I know that I have always seemed "weird" to you, like the one who just didn't quite get it. This is all right I suppose, its seemed that way to me at times as well! But in hind-sight, I can truly say that after all these years I have done my best to follow through on the commitment I made to God on that hot Georgia Wednesday evening at Harrell Grove Missionary Baptist Church. I can also say that God has been more than faithful to me as well. Together we have and continue to walk through this world hand in hand and one day, not so long from now, we'll walk out of this body and into Glory (should Messiah tarry). Of this I have absolutely no doubt.

I do not question your devotion to God. It is evident. I honor it. All I can tell you is that I too am following in the footstep of the Master and am committed to doing so until and beyond the day I die.

Yours in Christ's undying, inconceivable and causeless love and grace,
your brother,

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