Winners of the Roam'n Church

Award for Eclectic Spiritual Excellence

Roam'n Church Award

Award Winners:

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Awarded Sites

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The following are worthy stops for those roaming the spiritual path.

The realm of Id Stratus

The purpose of this award is to celebrate exceptional sites which promote spiritual unity and/or harmony. While this site focuses on the Taoist, Pagan/Wicca and Druidic Paths, throughout there is the clear message that Truth is One and that all Paths ultimately lead to It. The realm of Id Stratus is immanently qualified to receive this award!

RC Award

Light Mission is exactly that. It is a site with a mission, a mission to share the Light of Truth and Love with everyone. Their eclectic heart is shinning brightly.

RC Award

What makes a site a masterpiece? What is "eclectic spiritual excellence"? While such are truly in the eyes of the beholders, I think all will agree that Masterpiece Palace is a splendid example of both.

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