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Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Transgendered? Straight? Not Sure? Good News!!!

God Loves You!!!
Just As You Are!

LGBT Positive Christian Writings

Gay and Christian?Is "Gay Christian" an Oximoron?

The Homosexual Agenda Revealed! The Homosexual Agenda For America

Jesus Gay? Was Jesus Gay?

Lover of God? What is a lover of God like?

Homosexuality and the Bible The Bible and Homosexuality

Focus on Family Sorry? Focus on the Family co-founder apologizes to gay community (and everyone else!).

Jesus upset over health care? Is Jesus Upset about Health Care for same gender couples?

LGBT Possitive links

LGBT Christian Links

My Church My home church: Lavender Road Metropolitan Community Church,

RC radio button Rev. Mel White's Justice Net

My Denomination Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

UFMCC Global Links UFMCC Worldwide Links and Addresses

Beloved Disciples Press Beloved Disciples Press

10% The Evangelical Network

RC radio button Hope For All ministries

RC radio button The National Gay Pentecostal Alliance

Christian Nudists

Christian The Christian Naturalist Web Ring

Cheef's Christian Nudist Page Cheef's Christian Nudist Web Site

Erotic Spirituality

RC radio buttonNasalam:

LGBT Pagan Spirituality

RC radio button A Radical Fairy Homepage

A Great Source for LGBT Spiritual Links and Information

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Religion.orgClick Here for the Following Links: Religion.orgClick Here for the Following Links:

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