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Reaching for the One

This site contains links to a random selection of my writings. They cover a fairly broad spectrum of religious and spiritual topics.

What I intend to offer here is not so much a particular way of thinking, as an encouragement to think. I believe there is no occupation in life more important nor fulfilling than spiritual development. Reaching for the One is the very reason for our existence! It is this eternal reaching, not any eventual attaining, that makes existence glorious and worth while.

I am fully aware of the fact that many of these writings will not please some people. That's all right, it's not your page! All I can tell you is that since 1969 I have invested a large portion of my time and energy looking for the Truth; I don't claim to have found it.

What I have come to realize over the years is that the Truth, as a noun, does not exist. Oh, no doubt it exists in an absolute sense, as the thread which binds all life together. But what that Truth is, what the nature of this Ultimate Reality is, is not so clear.

God's Garden

~by Jagannatha Prakasha

Some folks say they know the truth
They claim they've got it all down,
But I say that such people
Are little more than clowns

For God is far greater
Than anything we concieve
And so we're only partly right
No matter what we believe

Like Paul we gaze in the mirror
And behold our own reflection
I guess we wont really know the Truth
'Till we attain perfection

The only thing I know for sure
Is that God is Love
My only hope of salvation
Is to trust that Love above

Yah vishva deva
Ki vatika
Hai sair karne
Ke liye

This universe is God's garden
And its meant for roaming in

The Writings of Jagannatha Prakasha

These writings are not part of the Roam'n Marathon. If you would like to read any or all of them, you will be linked back here at their conclusion to continue the journey. Also, some of them will have links to and from other pages as well. For instance, The Omkara is also linked to my Hinduism page. Thank you.

Today I live in beautiful Santa Cruz Ca with my wonderful family: the love of my life, Andy, and the boys, Waspninja and Caterkiler, two blocks from the Pacific ocean on the Monterey Bay. And now, through the magic of the internet, you can see a live shot of what I see every time I look out my window (It sometimes takes a while to load, but its worth the wait).


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The Dark Days Come to Blaenkych, A True Fiction by Jagannatha Prakasha (Cadifor ap Colwen)

More to Come!


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All Paths ultimately lead to the One.
Unity In Diversity
Unity Is Diversity

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