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Welcome to the Roam'n Church Photo Gallery

pict of Lord Jagannatha

Shree Jagannatha is the "Immovable Lord of the Universe." He is a primal expansion of Lord Vishnu, second in the Vedic Trinity of Brahma (Creator) Vishnu (Sustainer) and Shiva (Transformer) and, for at least the past five thousand years, is greatly beloved throughout the Indian subcontinent. The fourth of India's four holiest temples is dedicated to Him (Jagannatha Puri). Now, thanks in part to the universal awakening of eclectic universalism in its many forms, His popularity is quickly expanding throughout the entire world.

For a (basically) traditional puja or worship ritual dedicated to Lord Jagannatha, see my Shree Jagannatha Puja.

This is a photograph of the Lord I took at one of Vrndavana India's Jagannatha mandirs or temples.

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