The Earth belongs to HaShem
"The Earth belongs to HaShem and the Fullness Thereof."

The Noahide Nazarene Way

By Jagannatha Prakash © 2003

Welcome to Page Two of this introduction to the Noahide Nazarene Way. In this study you will gain a basic understanding of the Noahide Movement in general as well the Noahide Nazarene Way in particular. Page Two begins with an overview of the Noahide Faith. May HaShem and our Master Y'shua of Nazareth bless your desire to learn more and empower you to walk the Noahide Nazarene Way.!

The Noahide Nazarene Way
An Overview:

The Noahide Nazarene Way
Part Two


A B'nei Noahide is a Gentile descendant of Father Noah who accepts the Noahide Covenant that exists between HaShem and the inhabitants of the earth. With the Noahide Covenant HaShem guaranteed the peoples of the earth certain blessings and protections and commanded them to abide by His Seven Noahide Commandments. These instructions are for all the peoples of the earth and are recorded in the Book of Genesis. It doesn't matter who you are, you are included in this Universal Covenant and are bound by its righteous requirements. The only question is whether you will accept them.

If you willingly embrace the Noahide Covenant, and you are not Jewish, you are a B'nei Noahide. There is nothing to join. This is our birthright. Many modern Noahides believe they must place themselves under the authority of Rabbinic Judaism. Such Noahides usually seek the authority (or 'covering') of the Jewish Orthodox Movement. I will discuss our relationship with Judaism below. For now, I will remind you of what has already been noted. The divinely intended role of the Jewish people is as a nation of priests serving HaShem and guiding the Noahides. It is therefore completely appropriate to seek out the Rabbis for teaching and spiritual aid. Now however this is not required. It will be once the theocracy is established and the priesthood of the Messiah begins.

If you are Jewish, the Noahide Covenant is included within the Sinai or Mosaic covenant, which is your birthright. The idea is that since the Chosen People have a higher calling, they are commanded to maintain purer standards than we Noahides are. They are to observe the Seven Noahide Commandments (as Jews also are the children of Noah) as part of their 613 mitzvoth (as enumerated by Maimonides). These 613 mitzvoth (commandments) are not required of Noahides.

If you accept the Noahide Covenant, are a Gentile, and you accept Master Y'shua of Nazareth as your principle Master, then you may be a Noahide Nazarene.

I say you "may be" because Christians will usually believe this statement applies to them as well, even though most Christians are not aware of the Noahide Covenant or if they are believe it has been superseded by the New Covenant of Lord Jesus. Noahide Nazarenes, as all Noahides, believe the Noahide Covenant is still in effect for all Noahides.

The teachings of Noahide Nazarenes differ from those of "Christians" in several key areas. There is no recognized authority who can say who is and who is not a Noahide, a Noahide Nazarene or a Christian. Each person must determine what he/she believes and which view is the most biblically sound according to the light they have been granted. The important thing here is that we all worship the One God.

So then what of conversion? Torah Observant Jews have nothing to convert into, as they are already obeying their Torah as directed by HaShem.

Noahides are typically people who are serious enough about their spiritual lives to have invested lots of time investigating these matters and determining their spiritual course. They placed their faith in the God of Israel and developed an attachment for HaShem under the direction of Torah Observant Rabbis. Hence, if to the best of their abilities these people are being faithful to what יהוה has placed before them, I for one have no doubt they will receive the blessings of HaShem even without the wisdom offered by Master Y'shua.

Christians are a diverse sort but if we give the benefit of the doubt and accept their sincerity and their devotion to the god of Israel and Master Y'shua through the Light they been granted, they, as the Noahides, are doubtless accepted and led by the Spirit of HaShem.

Most Noahide Nazarenes, as most other Noahides, are people from Christian backgrounds who for various reasons have come to the conclusion that the Christian Church is not where they need to be spiritually. Both groups of people, having investigated the matter thoroughly, believe themselves to be where HaShem would have them be.

The conclusion therefore, is that we should all grow where HaShem has led or planted us. This is not about finding the One Way to salvation because HaShem is then only source of it, its about deciding how as individuals we can best walk His Paths.

HaShem has clearly told us that He will bless those who bless the Jews and will curse those who curse them. What else does HaShem require of us? These are the Seven Noahide Laws:

The Noahide Laws
1. Worship Only HaShem: Do not worship anyone or anything other than HaShem our God. Strict monotheism is enjoined upon all.
2. Honor and Praise HaShem: Do not curse HaShem or anyone else in His name. Praise and credit His Goodness and Sovereign Will in all things.
3. Respect and Protect Human Life: Humans are created in the image of HaShem. Do not therefore commit murder, suicide or abortion, as this is to kill the image of HaShem. Rightly consider humankind in relation to HaShem: He is the Potter, we are the clay.
4. Respect the Family:. Do not engage in sexual immorality. Defend family integrity. Teach children HaShem's Ways and their own family's history. Maintain the understanding that the rightful head of every household is HaShem and that everyone is His child.
5. Respect the Rights and Properties of Others: Do not steal, cheat, or kidnap because this is to remove the blessings of HaShem from a person and so is taking from HaShem Himself. Share the goodness HaShem shows to you with others, for this gives HaShem joy.
6. Respect the Sanctity of all Life:. Do not eat the flesh of any animal while it is still alive nor torture any living thing. Give thanks to God for the animals and plants that serve as our food. Until this point, man was forbidden to eat animals. This Law allows it, but certainly, it is not required. Defend the well being of the Earth and its inhabitants for they are the creation of HaShem and thereby one honors Him.
7. Pursue Justice:. Establish courts of law to enforce the Seven Noahide Commandments and to enforce just laws stemming from them. Resist evil with good always.

These are the commandments of HaShem unto all of the descendants of father Noah.

As Noahide Nazarenes we always seek to understand what lies at the heart of such commands. What is HaShem attempting to communicate with mankind through these Seven Laws? The following verses explain this clearly:

Micah 6:6-8:

6. With what shall I come before HaShem,
And bow myself before the high God?
Shall I come before Him with burnt offerings,
With calves a year old?

7. Will be pleased with thousands of rams,
Ten thousand rivers of oil?
Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression,
The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?
8. He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what HaShem requires of you:
Only to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God.

This is the heart of the Noahide Laws and the heart Master Y'shua of Nazareth's teachings as well. Our Master taught that:

Matthew 22:

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

This does not do away with the Seven Noahide Commandments, rather it explains the reason for their requirements. Master Y'shua stressed the spirit of the Law over the letter of the Law. The Pharisees of his day had become such legalists that through their scrupulous keeping of the Law they had lost the reasons behind them. More on this later.

HaShem is our Eternal Well-Wisher. He wants only the best for His creation and all of His Laws and covenants have our best interests at heart. Our best is to be found in HaShem alone. This is the point.

The primary difference then between Noahides and Noahide Nazarenes is that the later seeks to understand the Torah from the point of view of Master Y'shua while the former rely on the Talmud and other Rabbinical texts and authority. Harmonious with the teachings of Master Y'shua, Noahide Nazarenes only accept the Written Torah as inspired scriptures. The Oral Torah certainly has its value as commentaries, however as the Karaite Jews, Noahide Nazarenes do not accept it as Scripture.

This Study of the Noahide Nazarene Way Continues in Part Three